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“Our mission is to leverage data and the best PPC management practices to help large and small companies succeed online.”

PPC for Small Biz was founded in 2007. We are Small in Name Only. Our original tagline, “Efficient clicks. Effective results.” was coined after meeting with new prospective clients and seeing them waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on pay per click campaigns with poor results. It’s now our strong desire to help companies gain a strong ROI with their PPC and avoid the pitfalls encountered when working with bad agencies, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn and other online advertising platforms.

By aligning our business interests with the interests of our clients and creating win-win partnerships by efficiently managing your PPC budgets with effective results, we believe that we can help level the playing field and enable your company to compete against anyone – large or small.

By simply focusing our business on one important aspect of internet marketing – PPC management on Google, Facebook, etc., we’re able stay up with the latest trends, tricks, and changes to the search engines, social media and pay per click. Diluting our PPC agency business with SEO, landing page development, email marketing and other internet marketing services would be a distraction. By further enhancing our pay per click expertise, we are able to create one of the best PPC companies in the world and help ensure continued success for our clients.

John Pfeiffer


JP Head Shot3A Certified Google AdWords Professional with over 20 years of direct marketing and advertising experience, is the PPC agency founder. His background in database marketing and direct response copywriting is ideally suited for the statistics and creative requirements of pay per click management. John is a true PPC expert who’s dedicated to the craft. He has been managing pay per click campaigns across the major advertising platforms since 2006 and has helped hundreds of clients with B-to-C and B-to-B websites in ecommerce, franchise, finance, information technology, legal, home improvement, nutrition, education and more.

Mark Brozovich


mark brozovichMark is an IT professional with over 30 years of experience in software development and project management. With this background, he transitioned into Internet Marketing over 10 years ago using search engine marketing best practices with Google Adwords. Mark uses his broad background in sales, marketing, the IT industry and Internet marketing, along with his passion for the Web to provide customers with successful paid advertising campaigns. He continues to be driven, not only by his innate ability to be a problem solver for customers, but to also stimulate creative ideas for business growth in this digital marketing age.

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